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I hope it doesn't happen again!

Jul 19, Morris code by: Chelle I am also having this issue. Started w weeks ago. Right ear morris code click. No new meds no loud noice exposure. It does not really bother me.

How to Cope with Painful and Annoying Tinnitus Symptoms

I am going to see the doctor now maybe find a answer. If not i guess i will learn morris code and see who and what is communicating with me. I dont feel like its going to fade away any time soon.

Jul 20, We are all test subjects by: eL The morse code type ringing in your air is caused by government satellites pushing transmission signals through your electronics. TV, Radio Speakers, etc. It's another tactic to make the American people docile and lazy. Go outside at night look up into the sky and you will see lights blinking like stars. These are satellites. We are under attack by our own government. Look up community harrassment program or Gangstalking on YouTube. This may give you a little more knowledge on the subject.

Good Luck, my people. Jul 20, Update by: Ryco56x I posted here about - I dunno - 4 or 5 years ago it seems. The "morse code" thing did eventually go away. It comes every now and again, but only think about it for a minute and either ot goes away or I get used to it and stop thinking about it.

But for awhile - like a month - it was pretty chronic. I still do have mild constant tintinitus, but can deal with that. The tintinitus is only really noticable after loud concerts, construction, fireworks, etc. Always there if I think about it. But the "morse code" is gone. Reoccurs very occasionally. Aug 15, Real morse code by: Ray This is real morseI studed the. Aug 22, Great site to have found by: What a great site to have found, as like many of you, you think your the only one with a morse code going off in your ear.

Mine started around 3 weeks ago and hasn't stopped since I do try and ignore it but sometime find it difficult.

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Hope for Those with Tinnitus

Not sure why it started, but reading on some of the advice, could be the ibroprofin tablets, as I've been taking them a lot to ease joint pain. My partner suffers with tinnitus but his is a ringing, so I didn't think my was the same, but looks like there are different types!

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Sep 06, Morse code by: Megan I've had this "Morse code" tinnitus for almost a year now. It gets louder when I'm by a fan that's on or by a white noise. It was starting to get better but just the other day I was thinking about it and now I keep hearing it and can't stop thinking about it. It sucks and keeps me up at night. I don't have any hearning loss and I haven't been taking any medication.

Hopefully it'll get better. Sep 22, Morse code at the show by: stretch A few minutes into a loud show it suddenly sounded like the static from a broken speaker cone -my ear. So while i was earning my current tinnitus, there was rhis strange singular, clear tone like touching a touchtone phone. It seemed random and internitant. My friend heard it too with his tinnitus. Sep 26, Morse code humming by: Diane It is a comfort to know that I am not the only one that suffers from this morse code like deep humming, however it is disheartening to read that we are all suffering.

I have had this now for over three years and thought that perhaps it was a transformer out on our road. A planned power outage proved my theory wrong as it continued humming.

How Long Before My Drug-Induced Tinnitus Goes Away?

I have made recent trips away and heard it also at several locations in Canada. I have learned to live with it but I am going to try the magnesium and B12 supplement and hope it helps. Sep 26, More code by: Zookeeper My morse code started up about week ago. Not sure what started it.

What causes tinnitus?

I usually only hear light static noise when it is quiet. The Morse code starts when I talk or someone near me is talking. The beeping goes in conjunction with sounds produced. I don't hear it continuously. It is only in my right ear. Ear always feels like I have my finger stuck in it. Been feeling kind of stuffy in sinuses and little throat irritation. Oct 08, low bell and louder beep sound by: Bonnie For eight months, I have been hearing a bell and a beep, low sounds.

Roger Clark Miller

For the first six months, they were both comforting. Now the beep has come back and said I was chosen and wants me to go with them. I asked about coming back like you see on tv and they saidno, My husband has called my dr who treated my depression and she is supposed to treat me. Has anyone had this happen to them and how did they get it to leave.? Oct 08, Modem noises by: JenRC I have exactly what you are describing in my ears when I'm wearing ear plugs and I am almost sure I'm picking up on the modem wifi signals resonating through my amalgam fillings.

I could also hear a very faint radio station as well until quite a big filling was removed. I also get the other tinnitus noises such as rushing water, alfoil crinkling, roast crackling noises but the modem noise is very distinct. Just a thought. Oct 11, Morse code. It takes over night to reduce and go away. This never happened before the Cardia. Oct 13, beep-beep, ding-ding. Its NOT Morse code. Its MY code. I'm the Alien sending the chosen ones on Earth the hi frequency signals to relay a message. I'm pretty sure you all have cotton buds tips sold on your planet. So buy 'em or else we'll send a large spaceship of ours and drop tons of Q-tips projectiles on your homes.

But jokes aside, its the fluid, you fools. Water gets trapped in your ears after a shower or swim and it takes time to evaporate or dry out. The ringing stops when its fully dried up. Don' t believe me.

Try not showering for a month and FEEL the difference. No more sounds isn't it.

Doctors and tinnitus sufferers shed light on the increasingly pervasive symptom

Oct 14, Aliens by: Common sense If you haven't showered for a month it's not your ears stinking to the galaxies, just saying. Oct 29, Beeping by: This just started, stays for a few mins. Goes away Xander comes back another time. Morse code type.