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With Cathy, prayer is a moment-by-moment activity. And her children are richer for it.

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When her four children were young, if she heard them fighting with each other in the morning, she prayed with them at the door before they left for school. One day in particular stands out in her mind.

Mark, age seven, and Susan, age nine, were viciously attacking each other only verbally, thankfully. So Cathy took Susan and Mark aside and had them switch roles and act out how they were tearing each other down. Quickly, tender-hearted Susan burst into tears.

Mark, however, had no intention of recanting or praying. As his anger festered, he grew more miserable by the hour.

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Parents Prayer for Children - Protection & Happiness!

The atmosphere of the whole house was tense. Seeing that Mark was digging himself deeper and deeper into a well, Cathy went into his room that evening, put her arm around her willful and unhappy child, and asked Mark once again to pray with her.

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This wise mother first of all asked him just to tell God how he felt, including all the anger, resentment, and hurt. Then she asked him to ask God to forgive his wrong attitudes toward his sister. And finally she suggested he ask God to make him into the godly young man He desires. Cathy waited patiently for his answer, and finally he agreed. The minute he finished praying, the warmth of the Holy Spirit came in, and joy returned to Mark and to their home. Susan and Mark each shared something fun that happened at school, and the family enjoyed a peaceful dinner. It was amazing!

A Prayer for Your Aging Parent

God really took my anger and changed my heart! Talking to God about his feelings became a life pattern. Years later as a young adult serving as a counselor in summer camp, Mark, in turn, passed the message on to many young people.

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And what is the purpose and mission you have for him? I think this passage helps us parents to understand two of our greatest responsibilities. To raise children in the fear of the Lord is to focus on these two things. This is a process that takes a lot of time, but can be done from an early age.

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Character relates to the way our children treat their authorities, their classmates, but above all, it speaks of humility, and the ability to receive instruction and obey it. A clear example of this is a wild horse. No one can approach it, no one can ride it, but after it has been tamed by his master, this horse can become very meek and be kept under reins. Something similar happens with our children, it is our responsibility to put their emotions under the reins of the Word of God.

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Their words, which could be explosive, keep them under the control of the Holy Spirit. For example, in the beginning of this year, God led me to recall the Words He had given me for each of my children.

The prayer every parent should make

God gave me a promise in Psalm 71, and it says Noah will be a great worship leader, that God will use him greatly with his mouth and he will be a man who will impart joy and take the good news to others. This helped me a lot and gave me direction. I want to help my son to cultivate the talents God gave him in music for him to be a great man of God.