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He asked Peter to become a shepherd. So how do we become the shepherds the Lord needs us to become?

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Numbering, however, is not really about numbers; it is about making certain each person feels the love of the Savior through someone who serves for Him. In that way, all can recognize that they are known by a loving Father in Heaven.

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I recently met a young woman who has been assigned to minister to a sister almost five times her age. Together, they have discovered a common love for music. When this young woman visits, they sing songs together, and they share their favorites. They are forging a friendship that blesses both of their lives.

What is Shepherding Ministry?

Recently I received an assignment to minister to a sister neither my companion nor I knew well. We immediately decided that a selfie and an introductory text were in order. I held the phone, and Jess pushed the button to take the photo. Our first ministering opportunity was a companionship effort.

On our first visit, we asked our sister if there was anything we could include in our prayers on her behalf. She shared a tender personal challenge and said she would so welcome our prayers. Her honesty and confidence brought an instant bond of love.

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What a sweet privilege to remember her in my daily prayers. As you pray, you will feel the love of Jesus Christ for those to whom you minister. Share that love with them. A second way to develop the heart of a shepherd is to watch over His sheep.

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we can move, fix, repair, and rebuild just about anything. We are quick to meet a need with a helping hand or a plate of cookies. But is there more?

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The Minister As Shepherd: Pastoral Leadership According to the Bible

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What Does It Mean to Be a Shepherd Over the Flock?

We simply provide the conditions conducive to growth and productivity. The Lord is the One who causes the believer to grow 1 Cor. Shepherding Ministry is not about getting people to follow us but rather to follow Him. Shepherding ministry must lead people to the Chief Shepherd and His power and provision.