The Classical Speller, Teacher Edition I, II, III, IV

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In the box:. Incorporating all the latest in reading research and featuring updated and expanded activities and exercises. The Presenter's Kit CD-ROM includes a complete PowerPoint presentation with presenter notes, answers to exercises, additional exercises, handouts, overhead masters, and presentation notes. This series of multimedia instructional products aligns with five existing LETRS modules and provides additional instruction, exercises, video modeling, and self-evaluation activities. The Early Childhood LETRS Supplemental Module provides quality professional development for early childhood educators interested in helping young children build a strong foundation in early literacy skills.

The program provides descriptions of the development of language and literacy in ways that create a deeper understanding of these important processes while offering practical strategies for building these skills in young children. Early Childhood LETRS is appropriate for early childhood educators working with preschool and kindergarten children as well as early elementary children experiencing difficulty with the literacy process.

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It is also appropriate for early care and education providers who are interested in enhancing their own interactions with the children in their care. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.

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I've been so pleased with the LTRS modules and am learning so much. Greaful for the opportunity to put this new learning into practice with my studetns! There is such great information here, and I am excited to take the courses now! I'm a reading geek, so this is right up my alley, but I feel that the information is clear and accessible to anyone, no matter their reading background.

I am currently in grad school for literacy instruction and working towards a reading license. This product was referenced in one of my courses and so I opted to purchase the modules and the early childhood text as I am a kindergarten teacher.

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I appreciate the clear and easy to read texts for reference. I struggled to find what I was looking for at first, but once I found the book the rest went rather smoothly. I ordered my book on a Wednesday and it was here by Friday. I was rather surprised since I paid for ground shipping. The last time I ordered books I paid for 2 day shipping and it took longer than these books. Looking forward to what I will learn from this book! I found the website a bit challenging to navigate when locating the pack for modules 1 - 3 but once I found what I needed the process was quick, and the books arrived promptly.

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It was difficult to order the books at first from the state department site. I contacted them, and they emailed me a good link. The books arrived quickly. Good prompt service.

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Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. The only challenge I've faced is receiving receipts or invoices. Another classic technique is known as Look, cover, Write and Check. So, they look at the word Cover the word Write the word And finally check it. Download our Look, Cover, Write and Check blank template to apply this method to your child's spelling words.

Level A (Grades 3-5)

Encourage your child to invent their own ways of remembering words; if they have thought up the image themselves, it will be a more powerful tool. To remember double s , really stress and extend the sound: fussssssss. To remember double z , again stress and extend it: buzzzzzzzz. Same for double e : seeeeeeeeem.

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To remember ea instead of ee , pronounce it as two separate sounds: cre — a —m. Sometimes, visualising a difficult word in a different way can suddenly make it stick. Create a phrase from each letter of a word and turn it into an acrostic, which can be easier to remember than the word itself.

Elementary Curriculum

Try these, or have your child make up their own! If this strategy really works with your child, our Thinkalink! If your child is a kinaesthetic learner in other words they learn best through doing , ask them to write each letter of the word into the palm of their hand or onto their leg with their finger. This is reportedly one of the most popular methods used by contestants at American Spelling Bees.

Simply learn the word by saying or singing the letters out loud, developing a melody. Try some more unusual, yet effective methods to help your child learn how to spell , then reinforce what you've learned with our range of spelling worksheets. Start your trial for FREE today! Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. Does making your child prepare for the weekly spelling test make your heart sink?

Forget mindless drilling — primary teacher and preparing-for-spelling-tests veteran Phoebe Doyle has found ways to take some of the stress out of learning tricky words.