The Catholic Church Pope Election: From How To Choose A New Pope, To Choosing A Popes New Name

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Each ballot is then unfolded, the name is recorded by the first scrutineer one of three cardinals selected to oversee the voting. The name is recorded again by the second scrutineer. Finally, the third scrutineer reads the name aloud and again records it. As each ballot is read, the third scrutineer pierces it with a needle through the word eligo , and all of the ballots are strung on a string; after the reading of the last ballot, the ends are tied, and the ballots are placed in a receptacle or on one side of the table.

All of the electors can record the names as they are read. After the last vote is counted, the scrutineers tally the number of votes for each name.

White Smoke, Pope; Black Smoke, Nope: How Conclave Smoke Gets Its Color

If a nominee obtains a two-thirds majority, a new Pope has been elected. Three other cardinals, the revisers certify the count. The ballots are then burned along with any notes taken during the voting , and white smoke appears in the air over the Sistine Chapel, alerting the crowd waiting in St.

If no nominee receives a two-thirds majority, the ballots along with any notes are burned with wet straw or chemicals in modern times to cause black smoke, which alerts the crowds that a new Pope has not been elected RDG , If a new Pope has not been elected after three days, the voting is suspended for one day for prayer, discussion, and spiritual exhortation. Thereupon, if a new Pope has not been elected after seven more ballots, there is another pause for prayer, discussion, and spiritual exhortation.

This process may be repeated two more times. If a Pope still has not been elected, the Cardinal electors may decide either to accept an absolute majority decision for the next ballot, or select the two names who received the most votes in the preceding ballot and accept the one who then receives an absolute majority RDG , God, who imposes the burden, will sustain him with his hand so that he will be able to bear it. Peter, possesses full and supreme power over the universal Church RDG , However, if the new Pope is not already a Bishop, he will immediately be ordained one by the Dean of the College of Cardinals.

This provision keeps open the possibility that the Cardinals could nominate and elect someone beyond the College of Cardinals and someone who is not a Bishop RDG , Technically, the conclave ends when the new Pope assents to his election. When these formalities are completed, the Cardinal electors approach the new Pope and make an act of homage and obedience. An act of thanksgiving is then made.

The new Pope is vested in the garments pertaining to his office e. Just as an aside, three sets of cassocks— small, medium, and large— are ready to clothe the new Pope for his first public appearance, until his own personal garments are made.

How is the Pope elected? |

He was misled, and apologized for it. That showed honesty and humility.

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Cardinal Zen may disagree with Pope Francis, but other bishops in China agree with him. As you might have noticed in this article, Cardinal Burke did not receive one vote. That should provide some thought for you. Pope Francis' silence was an example for all of us, to think, research and analyze before we jump to conclusions. That message was a gift and a message for all of us to become more humble and less judgmental. I'm sorry you prefer to see the glass half empty concerning our Pope. He indeed represents everything Christ has brought forth.

No matter this? I further order the Cardinal electors, graviter onerata ipsorum conscientia, to maintain secrecy concerning these matters also after the election of the new Pope has taken place, and I remind them that it is not licit to break the secret in any way unless a special and explicit permission has been granted by the Pope himself.

Marisa- I was wondering about that because I thought that was the case. How and why has this been revealed, unless maybe the Pope did grant permission? I hope so, as otherwise it would be yet another example of dishonesty and lack of integrity. I'm going to believe he did unless I hear otherwise. Lisa, if the Pope did grant permission, this should have been clarified by the author and I am very astonished that this problem has not been undelined by a Jesuit Review.

Please do a search for Archbishop Timothy P. Read the positions in which he has served including currently for the past years as the Archbishop for the Military Services, which covers the globe. You will see how he very well might have received a vote in the last papal conclave. One need not be a cardinal to be elected Pope Church History After being fortunate enough to hear him speak had me alert and on the edge of my seat, not wanting to miss a word and interact with people on a number of occasions, I could see him being nominated by those who know him - a very worthy and competent candidate.

The success of this article is to confirm me in the resolution that I will not make any effort to read the book even if I find a copy for 50 cents in a reminder bin. If the people of God at large cannot choose the successor of Peter for their day, then at least the choosing group should be the bishops, all the bishops, alive at the time whatever their age. The technology is all widely available. This article also appeared in print, under the headline "Inside the election of Pope Francis," in the April 1, issue.

Your source for jobs, books, retreats, and much more. Exclusive: Inside the election of Pope Francis. Show Comments Comments are automatically closed two weeks after an article's initial publication. See our comments policy for more. Bill C I agree that Pope Francis has been an inspiring leader, though there is still much to do regarding the sexual abuse crisis in the Church. He is an absolute gift to the Catholic Church, and to the world.

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Incensed by the recent deaths of a Salvadoran father and daughter, the U. Kevin Christopher Robles July 01, The seal of confession and mandatory reporting: a survey of state laws.

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Ellen K. Boegel July 01, Paulo Freire or a Jesuit saint? Allies of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro want to strip Paulo Freire of his patronage of Brazilian education in favor of a Jesuit saint. But he did not count on one thing: the opposition of Brazilian Jesuits.

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Eduardo Campos Lima July 01, Current law states that he must be an ordained bishop. Only cardinals have been elected since the 15th century. Of the electors for the next pope, 17 belong to religious communities, including Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans, the Society of the Divine Word, and the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate ex. Any one of these could theoretically be elected pope.

One of the two Jesuit electors will not be attending the conclave due to health reasons. Thirty-four popes have been members of religious orders. Choosing a name is a personal decision. Benedict of Nursia, who founded and inspired the Benedictine monastic tradition in the Western Church. During the transition period, certain limited powers pass to the College of Cardinals. Vatican offices suspend activities until a new pope is elected.