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Hysteria took hold as more and more villagers were accused of being taken over by the devil. More than years ago, this small town in Massachusetts was in the grip of a nine-month religious fervour. Nineteen men and women were hanged, one man crushed and hundreds of lives irrevocably changed. All were accused of witchcraft and being in league with the devil by a group of Puritan girls over-stimulated by the voodoo tales of a Caribbean slave called Tituba.

Community-based group aquatic programme for individuals with multiple sclerosis: a pilot study.

Today in Salem witches and witchcraft are a big business. Even the police cars here have got a witches logo on them. They have regular clothes and look and dress like ordinary people.

Modern witches do use spells, but they are a form of prayer and not for harmful purposes. Wicca is a tolerant religion that pays homage to a God and Goddess and recognises no personification of evil.

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Our operational approach will future proof Salem for other additional modes of transportation the city may look to add in the future. Salem residents and visitors will be able to rent scooters from over two dozen stations around the city.

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Since , Zagster has been at the forefront of the micro-mobility revolution. We know that the promise of micro-mobility is anchored in world-class operations. As such, Zagster offers turnkey operations and support services for any micro-mobility product.

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We strive to make shared mobility work within communities large and small. We currently operate more than micro-mobility vehicle shares across 35 states. We understand that although the scooters, pedal bikes and e-bikes are swappable, the professional service operations are not.