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Governance and compliance practices that enhance the value of your property. Strategic Planning - providing guidance and direction to your community. By applying our Quantum Solution principles and detailed internal systems we ensure a consistent professional management service that results in a well presented project, and happy and harmonious communities. Our Consulting Solution will provide you the support to plan, manage, anticipate and work through the setup of the owners corporation within your project. It incorporates engagement and support for the development team and importantly education and support for the sales team moving forward in the initial phases.

The development team will feel at ease and confident this side of the project is on track, allowing them to focus on other key areas of the project delivery. Our team strive to become the most sought after, trusted and engaging large scale community management and consulting company.

Dedicated to building community through emotional connection, intentional simplicity and mutual support. At Quantum, owners corporations are communities. Whether they are greenfield estates, high rise, apartments or town house projects, our team remains committed and passionate about building communities.

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We have developed a proven management model known as the Quantum Solution. The Quantum Solution incorporates a set of key principles, including our Platinum Suite, for transforming everyday projects into vibrant and connected communities.

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Quantum are very professional in dealing with owners and have done great work in our arrears management, following through to VCAT where necessary. We get regular communications distributed to all the owners via email.

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The Quantum staff are always willing and driven to investigate and achieve the best outcomes for our community as a whole. What we value from Quantum United is simple … things get done, with a minimum of fuss. The people at Quantum United are flexible in their approach while making sure that we meet our legal obligations.

They have also provided useful advice as we developed our strategic plan, updated our Maintenance Plan, refreshed our Insurance Valuation and restructured our financial management practices. Ongoing support of the Committee and its operation is smooth and efficient. In summary, Quantum United meets our expectations and delivers what we need.

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We engaged Quantum United at a very early stage in the process of planning the residential club, owners corporation structure and its operation. Working as an integral part of our consulting team, Quantum have provided invaluable thoughts and feedback to assist us in realising the vision for Mambourin. We have received significant insight and guidance from Quantum in developing and refining the rules for the Owners Corporation, and their comprehensive budgeting and consideration of unforeseen costs has assisted in us providing an accurate and realistic indication of fees for purchasers, which provides us comfort for the long term relationship of our purchasers with Frasers Property Group.

Since the appointment of Quantum United we have found them to be more responsive to our increasing needs, providing a higher standard of service and delivering on agreed outcomes in a timely manner. Quantum have a detailed knowledge of the Owners Corporation Act and have been able to work with our committee and our onsite employees to further outcomes which add significant value to our community.

Quantum have continued to support the effective and efficient governance and compliance of our Committee through innovative reporting, accurate and timely minutes and tailored agendas that ensure we sufficiently address the salient business. Quantum United Management has been extensively involved with the 13th Beach project for 5 years now and the Owners Corporation and us as Developers have been very impressed with their professional approach. It heralds a hopeful future for our world.

Traditional management theorists see groups as systems through which goals are accomplished and, as such, they tend toward hierarchy. The quantum view sees an organization and its members as interconnected energetic beings, enhanced by collaboration and interaction.

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These connections are nonlinear and nonhierarchical. This view is supported by new sciences, such as quantum physics, which suggest a different set of metaphors. The quantum paradigm holds that nothing is fixed, events are not predictable, control is an illusion, and change is continuous. Older management traditions focus on parts of a whole.

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Their central thesis is that systems tend toward order and stability homeo-stasis , with disorder kept at bay by clearly defining boundaries and roles; change occurs through redefinition of boundaries and roles. Traditional leadership paradigms emphasize delimiting roles and controlling boundaries. The quantum perspective, on the other hand, emphasizes free-flowing interaction and co-determination; members influence the internal dynamic as much as the internal dynamic influences members.

All organizations consist of a world of connections, interactions, relationships, and forces. They are not fixed entities. The quantum perspective makes it clear that the only meaningful change comes from within and occurs first among various members. Instead, leaders need to appreciate that each addresses different phases of organizational life, and they would be wise to become adept at accommodating both approaches. The traditional approach lends itself to situations that are predictable and subject to control.

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The quantum paradigm is useful for understanding unfamiliar events in complex living systems in changing environments. It lends itself to situations that arise during turbulent times—when there are strong pressures to change, events seem chaotic, objectives have become ambiguous, and order seems to emerge of its own accord and in its own time.

Quantum physicist David Bohm defined human beings as intentionally directed energy. Indeed—and leadership offers direction and purpose to that intentionality.

Visit www. I do not believe that quantum physics, which is as closer to pure theoretical physics than any other science, can in any way, at any time, relate to human phenomena. In short Dr. Curtin, I think this whole quantum series of your is nothing more than a basic misunderstanding of theoretical physics. I am sorry, but mathematical constructs do not relate to humans and human relationships.

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