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New collocations added to dictionary. Collocations are words that are often used together and are brilliant at providing natural sounding language for your speech and writing. Clawn Nov 10, Mali Nov 10, Latin domus "house," English timber. With sense development in Latin influenced by Greek hyle , of which it was the equivalent in philosophy.

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Meaning "physical substance generally, matter, material" is early 14c. That of "piece of business, affair, activity, situation, circumstance" is from late 14c. From midc. Matter of course "something expected" attested from For that matter attested from s. What is the matter "what concerns someone , the cause of the difficulty" is attested from midc.

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To make no matter "be no difference to" also is midc. In physics , something that has mass and is distinct from energy. See phases of matter. It's not important, as in She wasn't home when I came by, but no matter. Also, no matter what. Regardless, it makes no difference, as in No matter what I say, she'll do what she likes , or The car must be repaired, no matter what.

The word "despite" in phrases like "Despite what he says, So this might be a similar example of a word developing from a noun to have this kind of specialized usage. Of course, you cannot use just any noun this way. The construction with "no matter" has special grammar associated with it.

Perhaps this means that "matter" should no longer be classified as a noun in this context; or perhaps not I think there are similar ambiguities with classifying the part of speech of "' bare NP' temporal adverbials "; see the linked Linguistics SE post.

Not all nouns necessarily behave the same way. The OED and some other dictionaries classify this use of "despite" in contemporary English as a preposition, but I'm not about the accuracy of this classification. I have the impression that the dividing line between "adverbs" and "prepositions" is sometimes a bit unclear, as both can be used to form adverbial adjuncts. Unfortunately the OED does not separately list the collocation.

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Collins Dictionary would suggest it is related to the noun form. Matter , in this sense, seems to me to be a verb e. It matters not what you say. I would have said that no matter what is an established idiom meaning "It matters not what happens". In short I believe we need to think of it, as we do with much English usage, as an idiomatic adverbial clause. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Grammar of 'no matter what' Ask Question. Is matter here a verb? Is it a noun? If it is a verb, why does it not take an auxiliary verb? No matter appears in NOAD as its own unit: no matter [ with clause ] regardless of: no matter what the government calls them, they are cuts.

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Perhaps a useless exercise, we can expand it with potential synonyms: I won't believe you, no problem what you say. I won't believe you, no reason for distress what you say. I won't believe you, no substance what you say. I won't believe you, no consideration what you say.