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If you don't sort out your differences with your partner , things only get worse from that point on. The lesson to remember with this law is that you can't ignore a problem. Resolve it before things get out of hand.

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Here's a version of Murphy's Law that needs careful contemplation. Does it mean every concept can be proved to be a theory if adequate research is done? Or if you believe in an idea, you can provide enough research to back it? The real question is whether you can look at your research from a neutral viewpoint. Appearances can be deceptive is the message of this variation of Murphy's Law. A shiny apple could be rotten inside.

What you should know about the real Murphy’s Law

The truth may be far from what you see. When a fact is difficult to contest, people accept it at face value.

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When you present a fact that can be easily verified or refuted, however, people want to be sure. Because humans tend to take overwhelming information for granted.

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They don't have the resources or the presence of mind to work out the veracity of a tall claim. It's a humorous take on how many projects overshoot the deadline. Time expands to fill the space, while it also seems to contract when you need it most. Don't we all know how true this is? The more pressure you apply, the less likely you are to be successful.

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Share Flipboard Email. Engineer Edward A. I was unfamiliar with the quote but my mind was deep in this thought before I first heard it. My mind travels through ideas and backup plans but everything gets lost in negativity and wrongness.

Murphy's Law, Pain at The Kingsland

I mean, i f everything is bound to fail, why even try? Murphy wanted to remind his colleagues that things can go wrong, so they must find the possible fallout and try to avoid it. Some people realize that the baseline of this law is to consider contingency planning. However, having a backup list has several downsides for me:. Plans B could be very distracting. In science or work life, it might make sense to have plans from A to Z, but from the personal life perspective, the stress of planning can turn into procrastination and being proactive could be a better way to deal with certain obstacles.

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I was chatting with some friends and this axiom came up. After a long discussion about if this could be a positive saying or if it was pessimism at its finest, someone mentioned a variation to this quote:. Worse days are yet to come. Its catastrophic inflection assimilated in the group chat and everyone agreed that this variation was plain hopelessness.

Urban Dictionary: Murphys Law

While everyone else was focusing on the negativity integrated on this line, I was fast to understand what my friend meant. Humans have a natural tendency to bide on the negative things that might happen in the future. We fear and try to escape the bad that a situation can bring. That pressure is often an impediment to enjoying life. We get so lost on our way to happiness that we forget that it is the odyssey that should bring all the joy. No one will ever say that they regretted not seizing their days.

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We should allow ourselves to indulge in a stress-free journey. If in your head, Murphy will eventually enter your life and condemn you to his law, why would you dwell on it right now?