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The critically acclaimed production of Marx in Soho is back for 2 performances at NextStop Theatre. The Marx Sisters invite you into the mind of one of the most brilliant and controversial philosophers of all time. Famous historian and activist Howard Zinn has written a politically charged and brilliantly heartfelt piece that is both timeless and timely in its message: change comes from us.

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Well, looks like they listened. After its performance at NextStop, the show will travel to the Edinburgh Fringe. Reprint Policy: Our articles may not be reprinted in full but only as excerpts and those portions may only be used if a credit and link is provided to our website.

Stuck in an afterlife where intellectuals, artists, and radicals are sent sounds awesome! Marx is given permission to return to Soho London to have his say.

A bureaucratic mix-up sends him to Soho in New York, where he discovers the joy of shoe shopping at Otto Tootsie Plohound. The audience gets a glimpse at the lesser known Marx: the scholar, the immigrant, the family man.

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Live in the New York area? Doors open at More information here. That was a life-changing experience for me; my life has been very different since encountering this work of Zinn and encountering Marx for the first time in my life.

Brian Jones performs Marx in Soho - February 22, 2012

It has been fascinating to explore the work of Marx, to explore the work of Zinn and to share that story with people wherever I can. LV: Has recent interest in socialism as a viable, even necessary, alternative to capitalism changed the way the play and your work are received by audiences?

Dickinson College to Host Performance of ‘Marx in Soho’

BW: There has been a shift in our society. The word socialism is back out in the news. That is something that really points to the historical moment we are in. That is a concept that would not have been entertained in the least a couple of decades ago.

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