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When planning interactions with nearby objects, our brain uses visual information to estimate shape, material composition, and surface structure before we come into contact with them. Here we analyse brain activations elicited by different types of visual appearance, measuring fMRI responses to objects that are glossy, matte, rough, or textured.

In addition to activation in visual areas, we found that fMRI responses are evoked in the secondary somatosensory area S2 when looking at glossy and rough surfaces. This activity could be reliably discriminated on the basis of tactile-related visual properties gloss, rough, and matte , but importantly, other visual properties i. The activity could not be solely due to tactile imagination, as asking explicitly to imagine such surface properties did not lead to the same results.

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These findings suggest that visual cues to an object's surface properties evoke activity in neural circuits associated with tactile stimulation. This activation may reflect the a-priori probability of the physics of the interaction i. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.

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The hands come in so fast and furious you basically have to become a martial arts master to bat away all of them. You only pass a stage by filling up a meter before time runs out. The meter decreases when hands touch you and when you click on nothing.

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So you have to be both fast and deliberate when protecting your head. But yeah the real point of Hair Nah is to make an interactive explanation of a very common, very annoying, very dehumanizing thing that happens to Black women all the time.

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  4. Your character and the hands assaulting her are pixelated but look fairly realistic. Hair Nah is a quick, fun, and funny way to learn a good lesson. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.


    Look but Don’t Touch (Touch Series Book 1) – By Cara Dee (Free Kindle Book)

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