Irregular Scout Team One: The Complete Zombie Killer series

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Please authors, a woman trapped in a building with 3 zombies can be way more terrifying than a woman blowing up 30, zombies on a city street. Keep it simple. Zombie fans should check out Good Intentions by D. What I loved about it is unlike most books, you see the actual beginnng of a zombie outbreak and the person responsible for it has to survive to come up with a cure. There's alot of twists and turns and just non-stop action and gore.

Great book. It lives up to its great Kirkus review. It's geared to teenagers, but still funny. This list is a bit dated, but why isn't I am Legend in here? Fast and sexy. Book description said author wrote the book to Tool and Metallica pumped up to full volume and the pace of the book reflects that. I love zombie books and I read every book in this genre I can get my hands on.

I can't wait for the next book to come out in!!! I enjoyed WWZ. If you like Breathers you might like this. You'll thank me later. Both hilarious and morbid at the same time.

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About J. During that time, he served as everything from an artillery section leader to a member of a Division level planning staff, with tours in Cuba and Iraq, as well as responding to the terrorists attacks in NYC on From to he wrote the immensely popul J. As of August , Mr.

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Holmes has eighteen books and two novellas published. Feel free to join Irregular Scout Team One on Facebook, and get a chance to influence the course and plot of his next book! Other books in the series. I feel if Negan dies, Simon can just pick up right after, and now you have a bunch of violent people surrounding you. If you pick off outposts one by one and stay mobile, you are culling the numbers so when you take on Negan you won't be neck deep in crazies.

That's how I feel anyways.

The numbers don't really matter, you are talking about a fully equipped combat unit dealing with a bunch of people who were presumably before the apocalypse probably in retail or management, maybe a few of which actually know how to use the guns they are carrying around proficiently. And the guns they're carrying around are mostly shotguns, pistols, and rifles.

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And they're up against again a fully trained combat team with silenced MP5 submachine guns or full auto assault rifles with great hand to hand skills and who are used to doing stealthy night operations to take out enemies. I guess what I'm trying to say is the Saviors wouldn't even stand a chance. They might get a few licks in, but ultimately they're boned.

There are some pretty decent zombie novels that cover this ground. You may enjoy them - my favorite authors in this vein:. Like you say, they're a rabble of selfish individuals, at the first sign of a well organised unit like that I think it would be game over. Also, it'd be pretty cool to get to follow a group of Marines at Camp Pendleton or Miramar.

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Yes I am. Arko is pretty popular in the US with people who use double edge "safety razors". Fully equipped can mean a variety of things. If the objective is to wipe out the Saviors estimate combatants , they will not do so in one mission, and you will likely need more than a single squad.

For reference, read up on Operation Red Wings. A four man SEAL team was wiped out by around Taliban combatants, with only one man surviving purely by the help of locals. They aren't really used to FSU. They are used primarily in strategic single strike operations. If they participate in a larger scale operation, it's usually in conjunction with other special forces; for example, taking out key weaponry emplacements or other resources before the main assault.

Irregular Scout Team One: The Complete Zombie Killer Series, Volume 1-10 Audiobook

Which is my original point. Fully equipped depends on the task at hand. But if we're specifically talking about SEALs, their main purpose isn't front line combat. If they are deployed in this capacity, it's usually in conjunction with another unit, and it's not a full squad but one or two frogmen with a specific purpose. Chris Kyle comes to mind, a SEAL team sniper who was assigned to a marine unit specifically to fuck shit up. To be honest I can't remember a SEAL squad or platoon that was deployed with the sole purpose of large scale combat. If they are forced into it they retreat as fast as they can, as seen in operation RW and another one where they failed to defend a satellite array and were forced to the beach where they treaded water for like 6 hours waiting for evac.

The nerd in me came out when I saw the title no lie lmao. They as anyone after thinking about it for a few hours would simply assassinate Negan via sniper or booby trap, then use the instantly-emerging internal conflicts to isolate and destroy portions of the saviors over the next weeks.

He did, but I don't think they were special forces, and they weren't exactly ready for or expecting a fight. Oh they were "special forces" alright. Not the good kind of SF. They were ambushed and were national guards, not special forces. Also, the script said the governor had to kill them so they died.

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  • Each [SEAL] platoon can be task organized for operational purposes into four squads, of eight 4—5 man fire teams. It really depends how many men Negan has and how much paramilitary experience they have. If most of his men are untrained, yeah the SEALs will undoubtedly chip them away with sniper fire and ambushes. But given enough numbers, say or they could overrun the SEALs. These 'forces' of Negan's, if you could even call them that, are a joke from a military perspective. Seals would engage in real military procedures that are tried and true and it's not as complex as everyone else is making it out to be.

    They would not hide in the trees or snipe anyone, they would just locate a military base, steal a bomber and napalm the Saviors camp. It's pretty cut and dry. In fact, all you would need are about 5 seals, mostly to help clear out the walkers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sergeant First Class Retired served for 22 years in the. Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase.

    Holmes, Talon Beeson: Books. The seals or the SAS would suffer zero casualties.

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    The saviors aren't special, there is just a lot of them. They know there are hostile people in the area but they're assuming it's people like Rick's group. Okay so why did the SAS kill those 10 guys?? They know they are hostile in the area but they're assuming it's people like Rick's group.