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I'm currently working on my fourth stage play which is something completely different to my other plays - I can't wait for people to read and perform it. I love writing, always have.

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When I was little, I was always writing short stories or short plays and acting them out in front of my poor parents! What does it feel like? It feels amazing! I love writing it and I feel I really knew the characters by the end of it. It has sold really well on Amazon as an e-book and I'm so happy with the fantastic feedback I have received. Click cover for more info.

I've always read a lot of chick-lit and loved the way that the author hooks you in and makes you feel for the people you are reading about. More so than anything other genre, I think. I wanted to create characters that people loved and rooted for - as well as the villains that you hate! The actual storyline came from when a friend of mine asked us all one night what we would do if our boyfriends were cheating on us a strange conversation, admittedly.

Our responses varied from "leave him" to "work it out" to "get revenge" - it instantly made me think of a story for a book and the rest is history! I'm currently writing my fourth stage play and my second novel. I just love writing so much that even if it never sees the light of day, it doesn't matter. I've also written a screenplay which the BBC Writersoom have read and enjoyed.

Ideally I'd love some funding to make that screenplay come to life. She lied She didn't have to say anything to me but she took the time to let me know how much she enjoyed it and that made me really proud. Write because you love it. Don't write for anyone but yourself. Create well rounded, interesting characters and make them real - not caricatures. Also, don't keep checking back on what you've written - that's what drafting is for.

Just get to the end and go back to fine tune later, otherwise you'll never get past chapter one!

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I honestly want to say thank you! They've been fantastic and so supportive. I hope they have enjoyed the book as much I enjoyed writing it and I hope they stand by me as I continue to write. I hope to do them proud! Oh, and give stage plays a chance - some plays can be far more dramatic and atmospheric than a novel.

Book: Anything by Roald Dahl. I'm a real Dahl fan girl and still love his books even now. You can't beat a bit of the BFG! Author: Roald Dahl, obvs. However, if we're going a bit more 21st Century, then I'd have to say Paige Toon. Her ability to transport the reader almost immediately is a real talent.

Plus she's an absolutely lovely person which comes through her social interaction with her fans. Now Cake and Marshall Lee must find a way to cross the barrier of infinite possibilities to rescue their beloved heroine, but nothing is ever that straight forward, is it? Genderbent Universe Crossover. Modern AU. Extreme adventuring. What will Marceline do to save the only person who was more of a father to her than her own? Will she save him?

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Will she allow his trial to continue? Everyone is grieving, and to top it all off, whenever Marshall brings Fionna back to her home a year later, she finds that all of Aaa has been taken over by an evil assailant. Will she succeed in the biggest fight of her life to reclaim her home, and will she manage to get past her husband's death? Little Monster by kiwifruitt reviews A failed transformation turns Eren into his six-year-old self, with his memories almost completely gone. The Military Police saw it as a golden opportunity to rid the titan-shifter once and for all.

Nothing Left to Lose by whales and dolphins reviews The problem with being best friends is that you know exactly where to hurt each other the most. What's behind that dopey smile? Read to find out! What happens when Kevin turns out to be anything but what he used to be?

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Harmed reviews I woke up next to a burning car, with no idea who I am. Just a blank memory, and a faceless name Who am I? Can you hear me? Her voice seemed to over power the sirens in the background. But all I could to is stare back at the blonde girl in confusion. Open your eyes by DemmyTheCat reviews Kevin always been a bully to the three eds, but never to the point to have one of them run off crying.

What will he do? Why does he feel like shit now. Flanella by 00SparkAchu00 reviews With Cinnamon Bun's death the Fire Kingdom lost some of its shine, but amidst the ashes of his passing a new face rises to ease their sorrow.

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Flame Princess calls her "daughter", and her subjects have accepted her as their new young princess. Finn however, is afraid to ask. True or not, the child needs a father, right? Fireplace by SharpieSam reviews Flame Prince sets out to burn Fionna's treehouse to the ground after being rejected.

What happens when she finds him caught in the rain and takes him back to her treehouse? Unexpected by Emdillyicious reviews Fionna was just going on with her everyday routine life, but her perfect little world is turned upside down when Marshall shows up. At first all he does is bother, pester and annoy her. But he slowly creeps up on her and Fionna unexpectedly starts to form feelings for the classic bad boy.

And he might feel the same way. But life isn't all sunshine and rainbows is it? Stay by anon princess reviews Marceline takes a walk and accidentally hears Finn and Flame Princess's break up.

R.I.P, Stanley "Tokkie" Williams

She invites Finn over to her house and they start to spend more time with each other. Will Flame Princess want him back? Will Finn and Marceline get closer? In love with my step-mother by Missmegirl reviews I know it's wrong to love her but I just can't help. I have no chance in hell of being with her either.

Why you ask.

derivid.route1.com/ciencia-filosofa-y-racionalidad-cladema-filosofia.php Well that's because she is my step-mother. The newest Mrs. Beauty and the Vampire Queen by CaptainOntoOcean reviews It's been four years since Bonnibel and Marceline had broken up, but suddenly the princess is engaged to be married! Will old feelings that have long since been buried save the two girls relationship or will unspoken words be too late for a second chance at love? Bubblegum - Complete. The Miles That Bind Us by RichardCross reviews When you are alone with someone for so long, someone you really care about, sometimes you can turn a friendship into something deeper.

And out on the open road driving to who-knows-where, sometimes you can fall in love. Of course, it always comes at a cost. Prinzessin by edwardandbella4evah reviews A young woman's life changes forever when her home is invaded by the Nazis. Fiery Embrace by TheJamjam reviews Finn had always overcome every challenge that came his way, almost always with little effort. What happens when his next challenge is the shrouded past of Flame Princess; a girl shaped by betrayal and sadness?

As secrets arise and dark plans unleash, how far will this bear-capped teenager go to keep her from falling into despair?

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Before there was Aaa by AmberBlazze reviews When Marshall walks away and leaves Fionna in his front room she finds something. Something the vampire king never talks about. This time His story will be told.