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Kennedy , Adolf Hitler , and Michael Jackson. Survivors of the Titanic and Hindenburg were also occasionally featured. Among the most frequently printed reports were those asserting that "Elvis is alive. The WWN frequently reported Elvis sightings with a series of articles claiming that Elvis Presley had faked his death and had recently emerged from years of seclusion to prepare for a comeback.

Obviously altered photos purported to show a gray-haired, balding Elvis sneaking into a movie theater and coming out of a Burger King restaurant.

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When the U. In , the newspaper ran a front cover with the headline "Elvis Presley Dead! In a Washington Post article on Clontz's death, humorist Gene Weingarten claimed that he and Dave Barry were the sources of the story. In an earlier telling of his story, Weingarten varied some details. Numerous stories regarding shockingly obese people and animals made the pages of WWN , the most popular of which was Tonya, the world's fattest cat. After Tonya was first discovered, WWN encouraged readers to send in their guesses as to exactly how much they believed Tonya weighed.

Later stories involved Tonya's attempts to lose weight through the "Catkins" diet, her struggle with anorexia, and claims that she had been eaten by the world's thinnest woman. Other stories have featured the exploits of the world's fattest couple at the gym, the world's fattest baby, and even a similar weight-guessing contest featuring the world's fattest dog. By the next story, he had regained the weight, severely damaging his scars.

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WWN covered stories that featured analysis of a coming Great Depression in the immediate future in which many prominent celebrities, politicians, and icons of business would become penniless. Consequences of this depression would include mass starvation, a disease epidemic, mobs of looters and a return to pagan religions and Satanism.

Another typical Weekly World News topic was new Bible-related findings, including relics from Noah's Ark , the Garden of Eden claimed by the tabloid to be in Colorado , [17] the discovery of additional commandments from God, and sandals worn by Jesus. The magazine also reported on when Jesus will return to Earth, and held an interview with Sisyphus when he finished his eternal boulder-hauling "workout. A story shortly after September 11, showed the face of Satan appearing in a cloud of dust caused by the collapse of the World Trade Center. Similar stories, wherein Satan's face had appeared in a thunderstorm, had appeared before.

Following the terrorist attack on September 11, , WWN featured articles about plans for future terrorist attacks on the United States of America. A cover story described plans by Kim Jong-il to eventually invade and conquer the United States. Other stories featured profiles on the location and nature of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction , including the news that Saddam Hussein had an arsenal of giant slingshots, the missing link, and dinosaurs.

In , a series of articles profiled the ongoing relationship between and eventual marriage of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. Other stories have made claims that Bin Laden is actually a dwarf , that he recruited a cloned Adolf Hitler to join Al Qaeda , and that he is in fact dead and that the CIA is keeping it a secret. Since being captured by Bat Boy, Saddam has been humiliated by female prison guards, won the United States lottery, and even demanded that the government pay for his sex change operation.

WWN is often the home to political satire regarding current and past presidential administrations. The magazine reported that the founding fathers were all gay and that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were actually women. According to the paper, President Lincoln was insane, and his ghost has also been spotted in the White House giving President George W. Bush advice on the war in Iraq. Stories about President George W.

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Bush capitalized on the public's perception that he lacked intelligence. The paper chronicled his plans to run for pope, his love affair with Janet Reno , and his intention to nominate Yoda as secretary of defense. The June 21, , issue stated that Vice President Dick Cheney was actually a robot and that his frequent trips to the hospital allowed him to rewire his circuits. Aliens are another subject frequently tackled by WWN. Weekly World News blamed these creatures for holes in the ozone.

Several factions of extraterrestrials have been using the moon to dump garbage. Martians have been monitoring the Mideast crisis. Warrior aliens have been resurrecting the dead, fighting Bigfoot, and training in a mock U. San Franciscans have opened their hearts to immigrants from Mercury.

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One such alien, named P'Lod , who made several appearances in WWN , has been known to fraternize with known women of politics. It was reported that he and Hillary Clinton once had a close relationship that ended up in a brawl between him and President Bill Clinton , who went on a jealous rage. A June 15, cover announced Hillary Clinton's adoption of an alien baby. The piece quoted several senators or their spokespersons humorously "confirming" the story. The Associated Press ran a follow-up piece that confirmed the tongue-in-cheek participation of Senate offices in the story.

Koschal said he would pay the million dollars to anyone who had a signed letter or signed photograph or anything signed by a visitor from outer space. When they do, I want to be the first collector to acquire it. The subject of space aliens endorsing U. Cryptids and half-animal half-human hybrids are another frequent topic of Weekly World News. Creatures such as Bigfoot, merpeople, real-life catwomen, half- alligator half-humans, frog babies, kangaroo women, and many other creatures have taken the world by storm on various covers e.

Abominable Beachman strikes terror in Hawaii! The existence of mermen and mermaids is also frequently reported in the pages of the Weekly World News. One detailed article recounted a mermaid being caught in a fishing net off the coast of Florida on April 17, According to the article, she was at least half human, very sociable, and extremely intelligent; and was able to talk in a sophisticated "three dimensional language" that depends heavily on noises that could possibly be connected to the "click languages" prevalent in parts of Africa and on hand movements that look like sign language.

Similar to their female counterparts, mermen are found within the pages of the Weekly World News. On June 17, , a merman was reported to have been caught in the South Pacific, this one measuring only 28 inches.


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Since the Weekly World News began to publish online, its stories have occasionally been treated as legitimate news stories by readers unaware of the nature of the publication. In October , Bat Boy L. In January , the Weekly World News was made available via an online paid subscription. The online edition is emailed to subscribers biweekly. The online edition closely resembles the printed Weekly World News in both appearance it uses the Weekly World News logo used from to and subject matter the first issue's headline was "Werewolf Sues Airline Over Flight Delay".

In January , Weekly World News announced that it would go behind a paywall.

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Tabloid Dreams by Robert Olen Butler is a short-story collection that used headlines from the Weekly World News and other supermarket tabloids as writing prompts. In , the Weekly World News was declared the "Official Newspaper of the Windows Team" at Microsoft , and its Senior Vice President, Brian Valentine , would read excerpts from it at what was called Windows Information Meetings, or WIMs, while attempting to entertain and encourage the developers, testers, program managers, and writers involved.

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Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article possibly contains original research. It covered 21 of the commonest antidepressants and encompassed more than international trials, both published and unpublished, with over , participants. For each drug, people were more likely to benefit from antidepressants than dummy pills. The size of the effect varied, but most medicines were about 50 per cent more likely to produce a response than placebos.

Far from it.

Depression is usually assessed using a questionnaire that gives a number on the Hamilton Depression Scale between 0 and 52, rising with severity. Yet Kirsch points out that those who took the drugs showed an average reduction on the Hamilton scale that was only about two points greater than that of those taking the placebo tablets. But at least there is a measurable effect, counters John Ioannidis of Stanford University in California, one of those who carried out the Lancet analysis.

And the average effect hides great variation in responses, says James Warner , a psychiatrist at Imperial College London. As with all medicines, potential benefits must be weighed against risks. Although generally less unpleasant than those caused by older antidepressants, the unwanted effects of newer pills such as Prozac include insomnia, agitation and loss of libido.

They can also trigger more alarming reactions, such as violent or suicidal impulses , but this is thought to be rare. Even David Healy , a psychiatrist at the Hergest Unit in Bangor, UK, who helped to publicise these effects, still recommends the drugs to patients who are severely anxious or who have responded well to the medicines in past depressive episodes. Many doctors think that antidepressants are worth a try, and they can always be stopped if side effects get too bad.

But it might not be that simple. Some antidepressant users report reactions on stopping the medication, including anxiety, insomnia and sudden bouts of dizziness, lasting for months. Plausibly, when people stop taking SSRIs, serotonin signalling falls too low, triggering the symptoms. The general advice is to reduce antidepressant dose slowly. Moore says many people contacting his website have experienced what seem to be classic withdrawal symptoms and yet were apparently told that this must be a return of their original condition.

She wrote that for most people, withdrawal symptoms last no more than two weeks. Ups and downs are a part of normal life, so when does sadness become an illness?