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Told by Darlene and Cora, Abby Geni's haunting literary thriller, The Wildlands , explores humans' relationships with nature and what drives a person to fanaticism. Eleven-year-old Wash is a slave on a sugar plantation when his master's brother—an enigmatic scientist and abolitionist—chooses him to be a personal assistant. After they have to flee the plantation in the night, a bounty is put on Wash's head. In Washington Black , Esi Edugyan depicts how even as Wash leads an adventurous and boundary-pushing life, the risk of enslavement is never far behind.

A riveting story about identity, slavery, and freedom. After the war, Juliet works a humdrum job at the BBC and believes the past is behind her when unusual happenings—old colleagues turning up on streets, a threatening note in the mail—can't be ignored. In Atkinson's quietly suspenseful novel, nothing is as it seems. At the start of Joyful , author and designer Ingrid Fetell Lee describes a struggling Albanian city that painted its buildings bright colors.

Almost immediately, crime declined. People filled the sidewalks. This was in part because color, Lee writes, universally brings people joy. In her book, Lee names 10 "aesthetics of joy," from Energy things like color to Play round objects. Blending science and tips, Lee shows readers that looking outward—at flowers in a vase or fireworks in the sky—can brighten our days. When Clare arrives in Havana, Cuba, she is shocked to see her husband, Richard, who was killed in an accident only a month before.

As she follows him through the island, the lines between what is real and what isn't start to blur, and Clare is brought on a highly unusual adventure, one that may be happening only in her mind. When newly-divorced Virginia accepts a job in the information booth at Grand Central Terminal in New York, she only wants to make enough money to support herself and her daughter. What would you do if you came home to find another family had moved to your home? But when Fiona tries to sort out what could be happening, she realizes that both Bram and the boys are nowhere to be found.

This heart-pounding thriller follows Fiona as she desperately hunts for answers and for her family, exposing how little she really knew about Bram along the way. This fascinating investigation dives into the world of heart science and the scientists and doctors pushing medical progress further—at any cost necessary. Frances de Pontes Peebles's tender novel follows this unlikely friendship and the jealousy and rivalry that come with their pursuit of fame.

Kya is left to fend for herself when her mom walks out on her family. Only 7 years old, with an absentee, alcoholic father, Kya learns to survive the wild North Carolina coast on her own. Townspeople nearby dub her the Marsh Girl and believe she is dangerous.

So when a man in town is murdered, it doesn't take long for the locals to try to pin the crime on Kya. Delia Owens's gorgeous novel, Where the Crawdads Sing , is both a coming-of-age tale and an engrossing whodunit. Misunderstood by his father, overshadowed by his sister, and dealing with undiagnosed bipolar disorder, Leon finds solace in dance class. But his nonconformity—it's the s in conservative South Dakota—creates problems at home, especially as Leon becomes more serious about ballet.

Paula Saunders's The Distance Home is a somber novel about the consequences of judging others and the unintended damage loved ones can cause. Though she is expected to marry Jisoo, a wealthy soldier, she sneaks out with his cousin, her childhood friend Kyunghwan. The man she chooses will determine her and her family's fate.

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Kim's heartrending saga—told from the perspectives of five characters— examines how difficult choices can test even our closest relationships. Kate Harris grew up itching for adventure but frustrated by how few untouched places were left in the world to explore. In her 20s, desperate to make a discovery, she set out with a friend to bike the former Silk Road— a journey that took her through Tibet, Uzbekistan, Turkey, and other countries.

Her captivating memoir, Lands of Lost Borders , will inspire readers to question their self-imposed boundaries and map out new adventures. This is the ultimate Austen adaptation for our time. Miranda returns to the island she was banished from and—in digging into Joseph's crime—uncovers secrets that will destroy the island's tranquil, exclusive facade. Pack this absorbing read in your beach bag. A time-travel company starts recruiting people to work as bonded laborers in the future, in exchange for care for sick loved ones in the present.

Polly signs on to help her soulmate, Frank, and they make a plan to meet in But Polly is rerouted to and must find him. When she and her boyfriend, Ethan, take a trip to Sonoma, she finds herself questioning where her life is going and abruptly accepts a job at a failing winery. She moves through life unsatisfied—with her stormy mother, with her headstrong husband—yet resigned to her milquetoast ways. But a call from a stranger will challenge Willa to put herself first. When newly widowed Pival hears her son, Rahi cast out of the family for being gay , has died, she refuses to believe it.

Hoping to locate him, she books a tour of the U. Pival sets out with struggling actress Rebecca and first-time guide Satya, a Bangladeshi immigrant, on a cross-country trip that will change them all. In The Strange Case of Dr. Couney , journalist Dawn Raffel explores the career of Martin Couney, a so-called doctor who saved thousands of preemies through his baby incubator sideshow at Coney Island in the first half of the 20th century. With fantastic detail, Raffel brings to life this complicated pioneer.

Khakpour has been sick for as long as she can remember. Having run away from home years ago, Amar is estranged from his conservative Indian parents when his sister announces her engagement— and her hope that the family can reunite for the wedding in California. Amar's homecoming will reopen old wounds for all. In A Place for Us , Fatima Farheen Mirza speaks to the roles religion and expectation play in a family and the clash of values between generations. The stories of these three women will give readers a look into the tumultuous time during which they lived. Zac Hutchinson has grown up without a father, and his mother and grandfather keep stories about his dad mostly to themselves.

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This delightful debut novel follows the drama between the staff members at a DC-area Chinese restaurant. Through their complicated relationships and lifetime of love, Li explores the families we choose. In her latest novel, Providence , Caroline Kepnes You puts a supernatural spin on suspense. When Jon Bronson is freed four years after being kidnapped, he has no memory of captivity.

All he wants to do is reconnect with his soulmate, Chloe, and move on. But he soon discovers he has the power to kill people in an instant, putting everyone he knows in danger. This detective novel, love story, and thriller rolled into one explores the choices we make to protect the ones we love.

What's the secret to happiness? In Katie Williams's Tell the Machine Goodnight , the answer lies in the Apricity , a device that analyzes a person's saliva and makes recommendations find religion, adopt a dog.

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Apricity employee Pearl is baffled when her son refuses to use the machine, and she must reckon with his choice. This timely novel delves into the desire to optimize our messy lives. In a society that increasingly values connectivity, moments of solitude are hard to come by.

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But social scientists have found that time to oneself is essential to happiness and health. In Alone Time , Stephanie Rosenbloom reflects on her solo trips to Paris, Florence, Istanbul, and New York and offers even the most social of social butterflies strategies to reap the benefits of being alone. In her tender novel, The Dependents , Katharine Dion addresses the inevitable hurt that follows the loss of a loved one. While Gene Ashe prepares for his wife Maida's funeral, he thinks back on their loving marriage.

But as his children and old friends share stories about Maida that shock him, he realizes how little he really knew about his lifelong partner. Dion's debut is a heartbreaking meditation on the long process that is healing from grief. Aja Gabel's The Ensemble follows Brit, Daniel, Henry, and Jana—four string players who form the Van Ness Quartet— as they navigate breakups, marriages, deaths, failures, and successes over two decades.

Gabel's rich characters and melodic prose fitting for a story about professional chamber musicians make the novel a satisfying read. Comparisons to Meg Wolitzer's The Interestings are apt. Every summer, Ruthie Beamish rents out her seaside home, uprooting her daughter and ex-husband he and Ruthie are separated but living together.

When her new renter, the wealthy widow Adeline, moves in, Ruthie's life is suddenly in chaos. The High Season , National Book Award winner Judy Blundell's first novel for adults, is a wry, often hilarious story of a woman trying to keep it together when everything is going so, so wrong. But it also seamlessly shifts to the experiences of other characters inside and outside the prison system to paint a powerful, damning portrait of America's criminal justice system and its winners and losers. Economic self-interest, thought Simon the financial analyst.

I also try to make it what you might call diverse. Simon knew what he was saying. He also knew that if he gave Dave two one-hundred-dollar bills torn in half and promised to give him the other halves when Dave told him when his daughter signed up again, he would probably make progress. Simon sat across from Paige and wondered whether she would spot him and what to do if she bolted.

Simon had rehearsed all kinds of lines in his head. He had already called the Solemani clinic upstate and booked Paige a room. That was his plan: Say whatever; promise whatever; cajole, beg, use whatever means necessary to get her to go with him. Another street musician in faded jeans and ripped flannel shirt entered from the east and sat next to Paige. His guitar case was a black plastic garbage bag. Paige nodded. She scooped the few pathetic wrinkled singles and coins up and then lowered her guitar into the case with surprising care.

That simple move—lowering that guitar into the case—hit him hard.

Oh, for the past hour he had tried. Across the mosaic, Simon stood too.

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His heart pounded hard against his rib cage. He could feel a headache coming on, like giant hands were pressing in against both his temples. He looked left, then right. And most addicts and by extension, their families had a tale to tell. Maybe their addiction started with pain medication after an operation.