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This act broke Hanzo's heart and drove him to reject his father's legacy, ultimately leading him to abandon the clan and all that he had worked so hard to attain. That was ten years ago. On the tenth anniversary of Genji's death, as he had done every year, Hanzo broke into Shimada Castle and took down the guards before they could alert anyone. In the main room in front of the sword display he lit an incense offering and prayed to honor Genji.

He however called out an apparent assassin that he knew to be there, revealed to be a cybernetic ninja. The ninja asked Hanzo about honoring his brother, yet also being his killer. Hanzo initiated a battle between them, openly admitting that his actions were about duty, but also a burden he carried and that it didn't mean he didn't honor Genji. The ninja countered that to show honor, it should be done through one's actions, not incense offerings.

Hanzo tried the Dragonstrike to take down his opponent, only to be shocked when the ninja revealed the Shimada ability to control dragons as well, turning the Dragonstrike right back at him, and took the full brunt of the attack. Defeated and with the ninja's wakizashi at his neck, Hanzo told him to go ahead and kill him, but the ninja refused, saying he would not grant Hanzo's wish for death and that he still had a purpose in life.

To Hanzo's shock, the ninja then called him "brother", revealing himself to be Genji, still alive, and to prove it unlocked his facemask to show his eyes. Hanzo was a bit disturbed at seeing Genji's physical changes, but Genji stated that he was at peace with it and had forgiven Hanzo's actions: now Hanzo needed to forgive himself. Times were changing, stated Genji, and Hanzo would soon have to pick a side. Retrieving a loosed arrow Hanzo aimed it, angrily declaring Genji a fool in believing that real life was like their father's stories.

Genji conceded that he might be a fool for believing that there was hope for Hanzo, but nevertheless did, which gave Hanzo pause. Asking him to think about it, Genji vanished with a smoke screen. With much to contemplate, Hanzo returned to the main room to finish his offering. Genji and Hanzo were originally envisioned as a single cyborg ninja hero named Hanzo who wielded both a bow and a sword, used parkour, and had an assassinate ability, using artwork for the Assassin class from the cancelled Project Titan.

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Dragonbone Bow

Jump to: navigation , search. Hanzo "With every death comes honor.

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With honor, redemption. Details Passive ability allowing wall climbing vertically. Spread angle. Details The damage depends on how far the bowstring has been pulled. Details It can attach to barriers and enemies, meaning the effect can be stuck to them. Details All arrows fired during the ability's duration will be at full charge. Unlike the standard Storm Bow, the arrows will be instantly fired. Hanzo also does not suffer any movement speed decrease. If the ability runs out of time indicated in the UI it will go on cooldown.

Hanzo can double jump, allowing him to change direction mid-jump. Details Activated by jumping while in midair. Casting time. Does not damage deployed objects such as turrets. If shot directly and the target is still, the damage will last for 3. The hitbox is actually both dragons, meaning the ultimate deals less damage at the edges, and combined at the center. Hanzo is my voice!

Bows And Arrows - Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Info Site

The Brothers Brick , accessed on Categories : Heroes Hanzo. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History. It isn't really OP without stealth. I would mainly carry one for dragons and strong mages.

Justifying it from a role play sense most warriors would be handy with a now even if it wasn't their preferred weapon. You can totally play a melee character without archery.


Heaven Bow Seeker, Morvi

It's completely viable. If you're used to playing sneaky archer, that's probably why you feel it's impossible to fight them. I've played fighter, mage, and sneaky archer archetypes and by far warrior is the easiest in my experience I don't know how the other classes do it without falling apart into paper.

Really, just be patient and wait for them to land, then wail on it like no tomorrow. With no perk investment, bows really aren't going to do much damage while they're flying around. Or, play through the main questline until you get Dragonrend. When you get them, storm atronachs will always hit. With melee characters, I usually hide behind rocks or trees, or stay on my horse, until the dragon lands.

Then I Whirlwind sprint in and power attack him.

Skyrim Remastered: GET Dragon Bone Weapons (Without Smithing Dragonbone Special Edition Guides)

Use a crossbow. It's the typical ranged weapon for people who have no skill in more dextrous ranged weaponry. Perfect for a 2h weapon brute character who can't be arsed to deal with the precision a bow requires, you just point your crossbow where you want the bolt to go and pull the trigger. Summon a flame atronach. Bound bow is wonderful weapon against dragons, but no, you don't need it. The easiest way to kill any dragon is to double cast the biggest damage destruction spell you have with impact.

If it lands it just died. Even if it doesn't land, if you can hit it, it probably will land and then die. If you just want to use melee however, there is nothing wrong with what you're doing.

Dragonbone Bow

Use the shout to make them land and then bludgeon them. It takes longer though. Trouble is I tend to stay away from the destruction school. I may explore it a bit more though if it is effective as you say. I can confirm what sardineman's saying. I've got enchanted reduction clothes, so spamming dual Thunderbolts isn't an issue, and after maybe eight shots the dragons drop out of the sky and turn into hilariously tiny piles of ash- I'm actually considering rescinding that perk point, honestly. Doesn't make sense for dragons to condense into powder like that.

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