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Returns must be postmarked within 4 business days of authorisation and must be in resellable condition. Returns are shipped at the customer's risk. It is our Divine birthright to be multidimensional if we so choose. That is why I was born. To be a mommy. If You want to be a messenger, be my guest and try to explain 13d shit to 3D Consciousness. The Bifurcation of timelines means creators in one corner, recreators in another.

All is divinely perfect as all cataclysm, off world ai kills us all gonna eat you and die die die timelines are kaput. All Light is sucked into a black hole to create a 2d black hole in the space grids hologram, but through Magnetics and Torroidal force, a 3D Light sphere, connected as a wormhole, bulges and is born on the other side,which becomes a new sun, and a portal to new levels of consciousness. A new star highway, to be used by those that mastered free energy on their planet and were gifted exploration of the Stars.

As always, take what you need, leave the rest. Discernment is key. Remember the 7 hermetic principles always apply in 3D, and quantum principles always apply in the 4D. An amazing master Who can help you through the spiritual warfare of the lower dimensions of 4D runs a website called underworld classroom. I Am Source. I love you guys. I am Maria. Incoming Cosmic alignments in preparation for Awakening is no longer a personal option as Gaia has fully anchored on HER new divinity Path, a new experience, a whole new way as a new cosmic cycle begins and we all awaken to the truth of our holographic Universes.

We will not continue to kill each other and kill the earth. It needs to be understood that if you chose to earn money from any corporation that feeds the war machine or is from the war mach ine, it will not support you in this new world, as The Cosmic Wheel has turned.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Our Light Families are gobsmacked by what we have accomplished here on earth. The Quantum mechanics law of Resonance is how our Consciousness shifts through the dimensions.

Personal soul Ascension contracts now bifurcate, ascension through ascension, Lightbody , ascension through descension, Phoenix , as humanity begins the global dark night of the soul and our new Species awakens and evolves. It is also non chaotic, Divine Intelligence orchestrated, as it always has been.

The Shores of Grace

NO judgement as each soul has chosen for its own path for individual growth through ascension or descension. Learn through pain, or learn through love. It is an option now. Study them, make them your True North…. Do not give up my Heart Fam. I know the horrors we have experienced as we have shifted. IT will set you free so you can then assist others. Keep Moving forward as the Dark begins to be seen by all. Trust that Love Conquers All.

The collective begins to awaken to the knowledge of the dark arts and the multidimensional manipulation from the dark ones who benefit and profit from the death, torture and pain of innocents through war and death. You must be your authentic self to ascend to the new earth consciousness, evolution and ascension is a personal choice. Awakening is not. Let them go if they hurt you.

It is not love…it is something else. Go Within. Divine timing is everything. The new Illuminated Hueman.


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Mind, body and spirit, as one. This is completely separate from the awakening timeline- as the Matrix Of Divinity Ascends. Evolve or exit- no judgement. Bifurcation Of duality Consciousness is Complete as physical separation of souls now begin at physical, global level. Our Consciousness is eternal. Our Universe a holographic One. Our Divine Source eternal. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience here to assist in this massive shift of planetary consciousness. Not believing makes no difference to The Universe, that is why it is called Unconditional Love.

Bring on, We are,ready. The North American eagle grid finally begins its reversal as all governments and the dark elite begin The Fall. Expect magic and miracles with crazy ass synchronicities to SLAM into us. Clean up your past, align to your divinity.

The 5D Peace Matrix has fully anchored and is available to all souls who chose it. In Light and Love and Joyful Service,. I was drugged by water and weaponized marijuana and taken from my home in March of I knew what was happening and went willingly so they would not hurt my divine vessel , but they did. I experienced police brutally so extensive, the cuffs put on my hands and feet so tight and painful for hours, they damaged my hands and shut down my healing abilities through my hand and feet chakras for almost a year afterwards.

I was given a shot, which I fought, since I do not do pharma drugs, it took five men to hold me down. I was drugged against my will and kept against my will. But, as a blessing, I was gifted a new way to heal the chakra systems by Spirit. At the time, I was beginning the process to become a medical intuitive with the AMA as my healing abilities are real and now full online, but as a quantum healer on this world, I have been targeted for extinction due to my multidimensional healing abilities. Please remember that Healers are being murdered across the planet at 3D level in an attempt to keep us fro m shifting and assisting in this Great Awakening.

I was taken from Flagler County, betrayed by a people who I loved, taken to Volusia where the abuse continued for seven days. Police brutality is real and horrible. And when you go to the police they shut down. All of this was done for money- due to secrets and lies connected to The death of my father and who I am. Please know through the horror of my abduction, I was in an amazing state of grace, never felt fear only love from my Source.

I am so grateful for the experience, for it awakened me to ALL the evil ones in my life.

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And holy crap they were masters of disguise and everywhere! The day before the police knocked on my door and said they had received a call that I was a danger to myself and others. They questioned me for over an hour and left. They came back the next day as I knew they would, for I had seen the timeline. I was already in a state of grace as I was in sacred preparation for Easter, so I was shown what was about to unfold by Spirit and had accepted it.

It was Divine. I remember everything.

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The staff became afraid as they did not understand why I was there as I did not show any of the signs of being a psychopathic dangerous, religious fanatic as they had been told. They would softly tell me to be careful, there was a hidden agenda. They were very afraid. After the drugs wore off, I knew exactly how to proceed and get out of that place, as I was guided from within.

My ex tried to take my home from me so I would be homeless while I was taken. As have all my non-awakened loved ones from my past. But the rigor of her adversity was the necessary prelude to her breakthrough. The One who has seemed to be our enemy becomes our dearest friend. This one, her teacher, spelling words into her fingers and hands had come to find her to bring her from where she was to where she was meant-to-be. That is exactly Who the Holy Spirit is to you and me.

My heart is singing for joy this morning! A miracle has happened! The world opened to her. Her family clung to her in tears realizing that the power of the scourge was broken. All of our suffering lies on the dark side of the barrier, where we remain constrained by blind eyes and deaf ears unable to enter into what lies on the other side. The Teacher comes to teach us what He must in order to bring us from where we are to where we are meant-to-be.