Dirty Money (Dirty Money series)

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Releasing back towards the beginning of the year, six episodes of this excellently produced series dropped onto Netflix. The series premise was to document a series of scandals usually involving big business. The docuseries comes to Netflix among many other fantastic documentaries in and ranks in our top 5 of the year.

The first episode covered the already widely covered story of the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal.

Dirty Money | Jigsaw Productions

Since the series launched, a number of announcements have followed mainly pertaining to damages. You also have another car manufacturer enter the fold with Nissan admitting to falsifying emissions tests.

Although the episode was broadly about payday loans in America, the episode really took aim at Scott Tucker, the famed racing driver. Since the episodes aired, his brother has been convicted. Sadly, payday loans are still a massive business with it being reported that 1 in 3 college-age students are considering payday loans. It documented the greed and ultimate demise of Valeant. A bunch of news followed the series.

Valeant has since changed its name to shake the scandals following the expose and Bill Ackman revealed he lost 4 billion dollars. Since then, HSBC has supposedly upped their investments in machine learning to combat money laundering.

Everything we know about season 2

This was perhaps one of the most absurd episodes of the season. Donald Trump as the President of the United States is still undergoing multiple investigations.


This personal self-delusion is manifested on a larger scale in the boardrooms of Volkswagen and HSBC. Gibney investigates how the former, on its mission to become the biggest automobile manufacturer in the world, created diesel cars that could cheat emissions tests while pumping 40 times more nitrogen oxide into the air than they claimed to. The con is Trump himself.


A critique of Netflix’s ‘Dirty Money’

Stevens interviews two Apprentice producers who reveal how much of the show was a false construction, including the Trump Organization set, which was built because the real office was too shabby, too small, and smelled funky. Dirty Money makes a convincing case that without The Apprentice , President Trump would never have happened. But his presidency also seems to encapsulate a phenomenon the six documentaries are trying to unpack, where, given enough status and a requisite lack of shame, moral and financial bankruptcy can be shaken off in an instant.

The quest for capital goes on, ad infinitum. Sporadic adjustments the conviction of Scott Tucker, the tanking of Valeant are momentary blips rather than paradigm shifts. When it comes to money, some companies—and some people—are just too much to contain. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Skip to content. Sign in Subscribe.