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No matter how we approach it, "evil" is a concept that continues to call out for critical reflection.

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This volume collects the results of a two-year deliberation within the Boston University Institute for Philosophy of Religion lecture series, bringing together scholars of religion, literature, and philosophy. Its essays provide a thoughtful, sensitive, and wide-ranging consideration of this challenging problem-and of ways that we might be delivered from it.

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This accessible work should engage scholars and general readers committed to thinking about our different concepts of good and evil in both religious and secular contexts. It brings together a group of internationally renowned scholars who build here on their path-breaking work on this topic in their own fields, which span several different cultures.

Together, they offer fresh and profound responses to the crises of evil that we face today. It is tempting to prescribe this as essential reading for politicians before they use the "E" word, however on a more serious note this work functions to shine a light on the multiple facets of evil, and the resultant reflections provide considerable illuminating food for thought.

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A detailed set of end notes and a good index make this both a valuable sourcebook and a launchpad for further exploratory research and discussion. See larger image. A crucified cat adorns the wall of a dingy townhouse basement in the Bronx, its abdomen ripped open to expose a bulging ribcage. Meanwhile, a tough New York cop played by Eric Bana with jaw set to sceptical is having your average ghastly day — you know, relentless wife-beating, dead baby in a dumpster, the usual.

The main idea in Deliver Us from Evil is that his job takes him to such dark, agonising places on a daily basis that the intrusion of Satanic ritual on to his busy list of headaches might almost pass unnoticed. They find the cat. Bana finds a bulbous corpse full of insects.

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Back at home, his cutie-pie daughter has kitted out her bedroom with the most menacing soft toys she can get her hands on. Director Scott Derrickson has a track record in the macabre, after the similarly fact-inspired The Exorcism of Emily Rose and the entirely cooked-up Sinister And Harris does some of his best work, baying horribly and rattling every inch of a police interrogation cell. Terms and Conditions. Style Book.