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He does realise he now has to do a 2 hour gin fueled explanation of every new release : Gonzo. Farmyard Flavours Vol' 2 by The Rurals. Bright and sparkling songs from The Rurals with feather-light rhythms and soulful vocals, perfect for late-night chill-outs.

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Drumma by Javonntte. Raw Land by Sam Irl. Meet P. Explore music. Angel Montoya.

A climate change poem for today: California Dreaming by Lachlan Mackinnon

Jimmy Carr. Martyn Pepperell.

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Mike Salta. Amanda Frontany. Mr Six. Purchasable with gift card. Contain 9 songs from the album, pressed to wax! California Deaming Betsty Disco Baby I Love It Smells Like Amber LA Confidential However, the company was overall a good place to work. They gave gifts for Christmas and always said good morning and ask how did you feel,alway made me feel like part of a family. Enjoyed working for a company that's makes sure all they works are happy as well as safe and a clean environment.

Positive changes you to do better and become a better person as well as appreciate the job you and performance.

I really love the job and you meet a lot of new people. Some people are very nice and some are just not very nice.

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I love when we get busy. Friendly Envirome.

Working for California Dreaming was alot of fun, I enjoyed the customers and helping them, and the customers loved me as their server. I always kept my section clean and kept my table pre-bussed. The management here is excellent and understanding, This is a great place to work.

A union-backed law would sow Commerce Clause chaos and render the NCAA irrelevant.

Great place to work, would go back if I could. Did not like that they did not allow a beard, but other than that very relaxed grooming standards. Required to wear a tie. Lively, creative, energetic, and active, especially on weekends. I work on the weekends full-time and some days during the week unless I'm in school. The management is mediocre. The hardest part is getting used to the employees as people.

The most pleasing part is making the guests happy and satisfied. Average place to work. It's an extremely average place to be a server. Can be very stressful, but the hours and pay are okay. It would be nice if they paid for uniform items that they expect us to keep purchasing to meet their standards. Great Team Spirit.

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Through my employment I have learned how to manage a team of peers to bring the best end results. I have gained personal relationships through the customer base by being friendly, polite and customer service oriented at all times. I enjoy my job but am looking to move to ATL soon. Fast paced work perfect summer job.

Great place to work for college kids or people seeking second job. Very busy restaurant time goes by fast. At times unlimited pay gross. Flexible hours offered. Decent way to make a lot of money. Working at California Dreaming was an interesting experience and definitely helped with furthering my serving experience.

The management is good and bad, depending on the manager.

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Turn over rate is high, but new servers are generally nice and trained well. I love working her from the very first day i started. I had a great trainer and the staff at the time was ever changing but fun to work with. You came across all diffrent types of people and I enjoyed that part. I was one of the best past employees they ever had and love my gereral manager who taught me so very much. Your attitude is how you make your money. I made a ton of money! Just needed some better benefits. But a ton of money! Quick paced. You dont get paid enough for the amount of work that you do.

Its a very quick paced job and you have to keep up. I did enjoy getting a tip out one week and the a tip out and a check the next. Fun place to work. I worked here throughout college. I really enjoyed walking out with cash every shift. It was a fun work environment and I still visit this location on a weekly basis. I still have a great relationship with the management. I really enjoyed my time working here despite the general public. The hardest part of the job was dealing with difficult customers, but the positive side was that you only have to deal with them for an hour or so and then they're gone.

I learned time management and customer services skills. The best part of the job was the other employees. I met some of the best and funniest people while I worked there.