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Building confidence, strength and agility. Becoming a team player.

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Being in positive environment. Sports keep some kids off the streets and out of trouble. Focus on technique, and then work on power and speed. Encourage your child to strive for personal growth.

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Promote competition within the framework of good sportsmanship. Make sports something you can enjoy together, not something your child has to do. Avoid injecting your expectations. Most important, look for signs of burn out and over use. Seek medical attention if pain persists.

  • Consider hobbies or skills that your family already values.
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If your child resists slowing down, be supportive but firm. Playing through the pain can cause more damage. Taking time to heal will allow your child to come back stronger and smarter.

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The Key to Friendly, Productive Relations With Coaches Some of the most difficult problems in youth sports involve the relationship between parents and coaches. Combating Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports Children of all races, ethnicities, cultures, and economic backgrounds are vulnerable to sexual abuse.

The "Professionalization" of Youth Sports "It's a disgrace what we're doing. Three Cheers for Female Athletes!

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Resolving Disputes About Playing Time Implementation of a Performance Evaluation System combats the primary source of conflict between youth sport coaches and parents. Disciplinary Problems and Bullying in Youth Sports Removal from sports is a last resort that should occur only after reasonable efforts have been made to correct the problem. How to Develop Mentally Tough Young Athletes Mental toughness can give kids a winning edge in sports and in other areas of life. References Brenner. Sports: How much is too much?

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Sports Training — How much is too much. You must be logged in to post a comment. Positive Parenting. How Much Is Too Much? There are no set rules, but keep these general guidelines in mind.

The Key to Making Your Kid a Star Athlete: Back Off

Limit practice or play time to no more than hours a week. Child athletes never should play more than five days a week. Your kids need at least one day a week off with no organized physical activity.

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Give your children two to three months off from sports during the year. Limit pitchers or quarterbacks to throws per week, including practice.


Remember what sports are all about. Between rides to frequent practices, individualized coaching sessions and transportation to out-of-town tournaments, parents have taken on a far greater role in the sports their children play in the past decade. But as Bob McEwen, a coach and sports parent, opined recently: "Being a sports parent isn't all unicorns and rainbows.

It's hard, hard work.