A Hero Reborn: The Hero Emerges

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A Hero Emerges

Tyrone tries to gain his father's power in order to get revenge, but he needs to learn that it takes more than a uniform to make a hero and more than powers to make strength. Read more Read less. No customer reviews.

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I grew up reading comic books so this is a good first effort by the author, Torin Johnson. Hopefully there will be another graphic novel and the editing will be better. There were several typos, but overall, an interesting and enjoyable read. I look forward to reading more work from Torin Johnson. Go to Amazon.

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Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime. Erica runs into Tommy, who tells Erica the he took Miko because she was going to kill Erica but then she just disappeared.

After this, Tommy asks Erica to go back to the present so she can tell him how he will save people and they go back to Odessa. Carlos and Farah find evos and ask for their help in finding Micah and escaping the facility.



Luke tells Malina to go, while he tries to hold them off. When she goes to escape, Malina turns around to go back Luke, but Phoebe uses her darkness to capture her.

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Fortunately for her, Luke is nearby and he hits Phoebe from behind, destroys the Harris clone and takes Quentin and Phoebe as their prisoners. Luke and Malina are able to get answers out of Quentin in a barn, and he reveals that Tommy is in the future with Erica. Luke wants to kill Phoebe, but Malina tells him that he has enough regrets and the two will come with them. Photo: NBC.

As Heroes Emerge from Long Beach | Alter Reality Games

Erica takes Tommy away after this and says she plans to show him how to save the world. Erica shows Tommy the machine that will be used to take people to the future.

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  • While Tommy sits on the machine, Erica gets a phone call from Harris who tells her that Miko is at Sunstone. She then figures out that Tommy is playing her. While saving Micah, Carlos has a run with more clones. Father Mauricio saves him but is shot and killed in the process.